Pay-as-you-go Workers Compensation

Why Pay In Advance For Workers’ Compensation Insurance?
Our clients never pay large, down payments for statutory workers’ compensation insurance. They pay as they go, a little bit at a time, based upon their actual payroll.

No Down Payment Required
That’s right. No down payment. Talk about helping your cash flow!

Pay Premiums Based on Actual Payroll
Pay premiums calculated on actual payroll, not annual projections or estimates. Each payroll, PAY USA sends the insurance carrier your payroll data and they calculate and debit your bank account for your exact premium. If your payroll shrinks for the week, your premiums shrink for the week. How great is that!

Reduce Chances of Annual Audit Visit
Eliminate or reduce your chances of having a physical audit done at your business premises every year. Pay USA reports your payroll every pay day so most times the carrier will just do an upload audit.

No Checks To Write
And no extra billing fees to pay. The insurance carrier will debit your bank account with each payroll.

Virtually Eliminate Year-End Surprises
Our clients pay premiums based on actual wages so there are no adjustments at year-end. With pay-by-pay workers’ compensation, you’ll never get hit for a big bill at the end of the year.

Underwritten By The Hartford or EComp
Both carriers are “A” rated by A.M. Best and offer very competitive rates and superior customer service.